Magento 2: How the quantity_and_stock_status attribute value is populated in product object?

Well, a new product attribute that you may notice in Magento2 is quantity_and_stock_status. SELECT * FROM eav_attribute WHERE attribute_code = ‘quantity_and_stock_status’; Query Result: If you load a product object as: $product = $this->_productRepository->getById($productId); var_dump($product->getData()); You will see the value of quantity_and_stock_status as an array of is_in_stock and qty. You must be thinking from where the …

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Updating product qty in Magento in an easier & faster way

Updating product qty/stock in Magento

Introduction Product Qty can be updated via default import profile though but this is very slow and requires lots of CSV fields(besides SKU & qty) for updating. Today I am going to talk about updating product qty just by using CSV with two fields: SKU & qty(new) which is very fast enough even for thousands …

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