What to Consider while Migrating from Magento 1 to Magento 2?

Migrating Magento versions from Magento 1 to Magento 2 sounds like a tedious task (and frankly, it can be). Still, it has also become a necessity for all online businesses using the platform. Magento 2 replaced Magento 1, which Adobe ended support for in June 2020. Outdated websites are quickly losing Google search relevance, target …

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The Good and Bad of Using Magento Page Builder

Being a part of a global digital market, e-commerce websites often reach out for custom web application development, prefer tools that can better help them with content management. Magento page builder is the first option for most of the eCommerce platform developers. The ease of customization and its innovative features is what majorly makes it so popular. …

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Import Product Reviews in Magento via SQL

Import Product Reviews/Ratings in Magento

Customers are more likely to make purchasing decisions when they see a product that has good reviews.Also, some search engines give sites with product reviews a higher ranking than those without. Since Magento doesn’t support default functionality for importing product reviews, we came up with a quick approach using SQL. Database Schema for Product Reviews …

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How to Use Customer Group in Magento?

Manage Customer Groups in Magento

Having an online store requires consistent correspondence, communication, and association with your clients. However, consider the possibility that you extend your business and begin teaming up widely with new partners. Or then again maybe you need to offer them some kind of special condition when purchasing a product from your online store? Provided that this …

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Best Resources to Help You Learn Magento

Learning Magento may seem like a laborious task at first, but when you know the right resources and the right places to head to, it may not be that difficult to master the platform. Magento is one of the biggest e-commerce platforms and it powers some of the biggest websites on the internet. Even small …

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