Magento 2 Performance Optimization: Concerns & Solutions

In the field of eCommerce website development, Magento occupies a key place among its competitors. Now the share of online stores developed on this CMS is about 11% (or more than 250,000). And there is no surprise to its consistent popularity as it allows retailers to grow three times faster. Ease of use, customization, and …

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How to Setup Multiple Magento 2 websites/stores with Nginx?

Setup Multiple Magento 2 Stores/Websites with Nginx

Magento is so flexible that one instance of it can have multiple websites/stores with different languages, domain names, categories, etc. You can configure the websites, stores, and store views in the Magento Admin. You use the MAGE_RUN_TYPE and MAGE_RUN_CODE variables in entry point scripts(index.php), .htaccess or Nginx configuration files(depending upon the web server you are …

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