Migrate/Downgrade Magento 2 from Enterprise to Community Edition

Magento 2 Enterprise Edition (EE) is the premium paid version of Magento 2 Community Edition (CE). If you are a business that aspires to grow and expect huge website traffic volumes, then EE is the best solution for your company. Moreover, the Enterprise edition is completely backed by the Magento team. And subscribers get full …

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Bash Script: Easily Backup your Magento2 Code Files + Database

Magento 2 Backup with Bash/Shell Script

We had created a similar Backup Script for Magento1 in the past. Now we are back with the much-improvised version for Magento2. You must be wondering why we needed a bash script for Magento2 backup even it comes up with inbuilt console command: php /path/to/magento2/bin/magento setup:backup -v –code –media –db Some of the reasons are: …

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Best Resources to Help You Learn Magento

Learning Magento may seem like a laborious task at first, but when you know the right resources and the right places to head to, it may not be that difficult to master the platform. Magento is one of the biggest e-commerce platforms and it powers some of the biggest websites on the internet. Even small …

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Magento2: Fastest Way to Import / Update Product Prices in Bulk

Updating product prices in Magento 2

Overview As you know our Magento1 version of the script “Updating product prices in Magento in an easier & faster way” was a massive hit. And we are back with a similar script for Magento 2 which helps you to update the product prices in bulk – probably the easiest and fastest way possible. Let’s …

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