Best Resources to Help You Learn Magento

Learning Magento may seem like a laborious task at first, but when you know the right
resources and the right places to head to, it may not be that difficult to master the platform.

Magento is one of the biggest e-commerce platforms and it powers some of the biggest websites
on the internet. Even small e-commerce stores prefer to base their online stores on Magento and
it’s an understatement to say that it’s just popular. Hence, if you are looking forward to starting
learning the platform and start a development career, you are on the right path!

Now let’s look into the best Magento resources on the internet that will help you in your
endeavor to master Magento and step into the world of e-commerce with confidence.

Official Magento Documentations

While we are on the subject of learning Magento, the Official Magento Documentation needs no introduction. Since it comes directly from the Magento labs, it’s the surest way to learn and know your way around Magento without losing focus. While there are several other resources that can help you up to your development game, the official document takes the lead by default!

Head over to the official documentation if you are looking for a direct source of Magento knowledge!

Alan Storm

If there is one person who stands out and makes a significant impact in the Magento Community, it’s Alan Storm. Alan is a programmer who makes things easier for anyone who has a hard time understanding code! His professional web blog of the same name is a trusted source of how-to’s and if you are looking forward to learning from a professional, look no further than Alan Storm.

The blog is not limited to just Magento, though, and there’s a lot you can look forward to if you are new to the coding business!

Inchoo’s Blog

Inchoo is one of the leading Magento-based software developers. Founded in 2008, Inchoo is well-known for its blog, which is a great source for insight into Magento development. Among all the blogs based on Magento, Inchoo is among the ones that maintain quality and aims to teach and educate the readers than just producing articles for the sake of it.

If you are here to learn Magento and improve your understanding, head over to Inchoo’s blog to get some serious knowledge.


Magenticians, as suggested by the name, is a dedicated Magento blog and one of the fastest-growing blogs in the industry. With a tagline that says ‘Magento Made Easy’, Magenticians is a great pool of resources to help ease your Magento journey with regular how-tos, tutorials, e-commerce articles, and interviews with Magento Influencers, etc., to keep you up to date with all things Magento.

From all the resources available, Magenticians is the most regular in posting quality content and Muneeb Ul Hasan’s tutorials are on-point and worth looking into!

MagePsycho’s Blog

The MagePsycho’s blog is another useful resource with a roster of several experts and Magento developers. Not only does the blog give you great tutorials, but you can stay up to date with all the latest industry news and happenings!

Don’t forget to check out Raj KB’s tutorials and guides, as they are always insightful and bring something new to the table!

WebScoot’s Blog

WebScoot is a fully-managed hosting company. Founded in 2014, their perspective is fresh and growing fast. They cover all about speed, security, and eCommerce. The resources include Magento conferences experiences, how-to, in-depth guides, top recommendations, latest trends, and more!
You can follow them to know what’s happening in the eCommerce world.

GitHub Magento Resources

A curated list of useful Magento resources where the resources are listed alphabetically within each category.

Note: More list will be added soon.


There are hundreds of other blogs in the blogosphere that publish Magento related content, but there are factors that allow some to lead the way and are considered the best among the rest. And that is why we go through the necessary research and sieve out the best ones for you.
We’ve listed the ones we think are necessary for anyone jumping into the Magento world, but if you feel that there is some blog that deserves a mention in this list, let us know in the comments below and we’ll check it out!