Configuring Magento for Development / Debug Mode

Configuring Magento for Development/Debug Mode

Configuring Magento for Development / Debug Mode: 1. Disable Cache System > Cache Management > Select All [check-boxes] > Actions = Disable > Submit 2. Re-Index All System > Index Management > Select All [check-boxes] > Actions = Reindex Data > Submit 3. Disable Compilation System > Tools > Compilation > Disable Note: By default …

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Utilizing debug_backtrace() function for Magento debugging

Introduction As promised, back with the 2nd utility function for Magento (printDebugBacktrace). This function will help you to print the backtrace. As you know that Magento has so many classes and flow/interlinking of those classes’ methods are really vague. So this function will help you to debug/trace in such cases. printDebugBacktrace function looks like: public …

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printing xml of System > Configuration settings in Magento

Magento uses system.xml(app/code/[codePool]/[namespace]/[module]/etc/) for defining configuration section (System > Configuration) in backend. It searches for the file(system.xml) in each module’s /etc folder and merge all those during parsing process. Here i am going to share the code for printing the XML as a result of merging system.xml from all active Magento modules. Code: <?php $mageFilename …

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