Password protecting your development site using .htaccess / .htpasswd

You may want to restrict the development site from the search engine or from direct access. One of the popular ways of doing so is to use Apache2 Basic Authentication. Here we will be discussing on how to password protect your development site using Apache2 Basic Authentication which makes use of .htaccess & .htpasswd files. …

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Backup Magento project files / DB using the bash script

Magento 2 Backup with Bash/Shell Script

I have googled for the bash script to backup Magento sites/DB but none of them worked for me the way I wanted. So I decided to create a custom bash script which is simple and does the job perfectly. I have developed the script for my own need. But I thought it would be helpful …

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Configuring Magento for Development / Debug Mode

Configuring Magento for Development/Debug Mode

Configuring Magento for Development / Debug Mode: 1. Disable Cache System > Cache Management > Select All [check-boxes] > Actions = Disable > Submit 2. Re-Index All System > Index Management > Select All [check-boxes] > Actions = Reindex Data > Submit 3. Disable Compilation System > Tools > Compilation > Disable Note: By default …

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Setting custom environment variables using .htaccess

If you are familiar with Magento, esp with setting up multiple websites/stores using .htaccess then you may have encountered variables like: MAGE_RUN_CODE & MAGE_RUN_TYPE. Yes they are the custom environment variables. In order to set up custom environment variables using .htaccess, try as follows: RewriteRule ^ – [E=MAGE_RUN_CODE:default] RewriteRule ^ – [E=MAGE_RUN_TYPE:store] Where MAGE_RUN_CODE & …

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