Backup Magento project files / DB using the bash script

Magento 2 Backup with Bash/Shell Script

I have googled for the bash script to backup Magento sites/DB but none of them worked for me the way I wanted. So I decided to create a custom bash script which is simple and does the job perfectly. I have developed the script for my own need. But I thought it would be helpful …

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Configuring Magento for Development / Debug Mode

Configuring Magento for Development/Debug Mode

Configuring Magento for Development / Debug Mode: 1. Disable Cache System > Cache Management > Select All [check-boxes] > Actions = Disable > Submit 2. Re-Index All System > Index Management > Select All [check-boxes] > Actions = Reindex Data > Submit 3. Disable Compilation System > Tools > Compilation > Disable Note: By default …

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printing xml of System > Configuration settings in Magento

Magento uses system.xml(app/code/[codePool]/[namespace]/[module]/etc/) for defining configuration section (System > Configuration) in backend. It searches for the file(system.xml) in each module’s /etc folder and merge all those during parsing process. Here i am going to share the code for printing the XML as a result of merging system.xml from all active Magento modules. Code: <?php $mageFilename …

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