How to fix the issue: Product images missing in backend but not in the frontend

Introduction Recently I have to fix a strange issue for one of my clients. The issue was that product images were missing from ‘Images’ tab of product edit form (as depicted below), though they were displaying fine in the frontend. After going through the table relationship for catalog product images (as shown below), it was …

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Configuring Magento for Development / Debug Mode

Configuring Magento for Development/Debug Mode

Configuring Magento for Development / Debug Mode: 1. Disable Cache System > Cache Management > Select All [check-boxes] > Actions = Disable > Submit 2. Re-Index All System > Index Management > Select All [check-boxes] > Actions = Reindex Data > Submit 3. Disable Compilation System > Tools > Compilation > Disable Note: By default …

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Usage of Magento event: core_block_abstract_to_html_after

Introduction There are lots of events in Magento which are dispatched by default. Among them ‘core_block_abstract_to_html_after’ is the one. Recently we have re-developed the Easy Template Path Hints extension using this event as the previous version of the extension has some confliction issues with other modules. In this article we will demonstrate the implementation of …

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